China’s HOPESHOW implements Centric PLM™ to achieve digital goals

China’s HOPESHOW implements Centric PLM™ to achieve digital goals

by Nandita Bhardwaj

HOPESHOW, one of the leading Chinese female outfit brands, has reportedly announced that it has implemented new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to optimize visual interface, real-time online operations, and synergy with other enterprise solutions.

Sources cite that the company has partnered with Centric Software, which offers innovative enterprise solutions to retail, fashion, outdoor, footwear, luxury, and home décor to achieve operational and strategic digital transformation goals.

Established in 1995, HOPESHOW brand has a network of over 1,600 sales outlets, 4,000 employees, and makes over 10 million garments every year. Targeting women aged 25 to 40; the company designs stylish clothes that fit the lifestyles of ‘beautiful, elegant, and low key modern women.

According to sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, the company is aiming to organize product data and improve decision-making with this new solution. Centric PLM has also been implemented by H'S, one of the group’s leading brands, and HOPESHOW aims to implement cutting-edge applications for 3D design, planning, and more.

Ms. Wang Xiulan, Product Director at HOPESHOW explained that Centric Fashion PLM allows its employees to track the complete development process of each style. It also provides employees with complete transparency on the thorough prices of fabric and trims. That helps them precisely evaluate costs at the primary stage of development and decide margins.

Speaking on which, Ms. Liu Hua, Chairperson, and Founder at OPESHOW said that fashion brands require a digital R&D model to assist R&D and design teams to optimize business processes, maximize their expertise, and enhance work efficiency, along with maintaining a balance between creativity, newness, and customer requirements.

Ms. Hua added that the new solution has enabled the company’s teams to make rational decisions using organized, detailed, and up-to-date product data.

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