CITIC Telecom International CPC Ltd gains VMware Cloud Verified status

CITIC Telecom International CPC Ltd gains VMware Cloud Verified status

by Nandita Bhardwaj

CITIC Telecom CPC Limited has reportedly announced that it has secured VMware Cloud Verified status. The Cloud Verified stature is an indication that a VMware Cloud Service Provider delivers consistent operations and infrastructure to their customers furnishing an entire range of software-defined services for storage, compute, and networking.

According to Vijoo Chacko, the Leader of VMware Cloud Provider Program, confederates that are VMware Cloud Verified furnish advanced and complete VMware Cloud Technologies to enterprises and also provide them with interoperability across clouds which add greater advantage to their clientele’ businesses.

Chacko has further stated that Cloud Verified services provided by VMware Cloud Providers can offer the implicit agility, reliability, and efficiency as essential for cloud computing. The company eagerly looks ahead to backing CITIC Telecom CPC as it supports businesses with flexible and simple way to the cloud, added Chacko.

As per sources, VMware’s worldwide network of over 4,300 cloud providers deploys its persistent cloud infrastructure services to deliver a broad range of services in more than 120 countries. The network also offers industry and geographic specialization, further helping its customers meet complex regulatory requirements.

Taylor Lam, the Senior Vice President of Product Development & Management at CITIC Telecom CPC, has asserted that securing VMware Cloud Verified status is a remarkable achievement for CITIC Telecom CPC, adding that this designation showcases the company’s capability to provide solutions and services compliant with the standards of advanced VMware cloud technologies. Given that the market demand for multi-cloud, virtual, and hybrid network solutions is on constant rise, working with VMware will remarkably strengthen the company’s network and cloud offerings, stated Lam.

As per reports, VMware Cloud Verified badge means that the company’s SmartCLOUD Cloud Computing solutions will maintain clientele expectations by delivering highly efficient VMware Cloud Infrastructure. Additionally, the company will be able to provide customers with flexible virtual storage (vSAN), virtual network (NSX), and SD-WAN solutions suited to their various digital transformation requirements, added Lam.


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