City of London releases images of the Square Mile's future skyline

City of London releases images of the Square Mile's future skyline

by Pranali Mehta

The City of London Corporation has reportedly revealed a visualization of how the skyline of Square Mile would look by the mid 2020’s, if the six planning approved towers are to be constructed.

The governing body also disclosed that it is in the early stage discussions with the developers for nearly half a dozen new projects around 75 meters in height, claiming it shows post-pandemic long-term belief in the high-rise office situation of the City.

The novel images capture all the key developments that the Planning and Transportation Committee of the City Corporation has set to allow planning for over the last 12 months. These comprise of 2-3 Finsbury Avenue, 70 Gracechurch Street, 60 Aldgate High Street, 55 Gracechurch Street and 50 Fenchurch Street.

Most of the tall buildings fall in the City Cluster area, situated in the Square Mile’s eastern corner, which is already home to a few of the most iconic skyscrapers of the capital.

The City Cluster is ready to expand to close the gap between the main group of towers and the Walkie-Talkie’, while launching more lively ground floor spaces.

Changes would also include pedestrian priority places, the re-timing of deliveries and freight outside of rush hours and a major push for offsite consolidation.

Major development guidance included in the City Plan supports urban greening, the addition of adaptable and flexible office floorspace as well as novel pedestrian ways through tall buildings.

Alastair Moss, Chair of the Planning and Transportation Committee, the City of London Corporation, stated that the novel CGI images clearly demonstrate that the City Office is likely to last and Square Mile’s future would continue to remain bright.

The planning team of the City of London Corporation continues to work with developers who are enhancing schemes, which are presently at a pre-application stage.

At present, there are six additional pre-applications of around 75m tall which are being discussed.

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