Clubhouse app rapidly becoming go-to hangout spot for the K-pop world

Clubhouse app rapidly becoming go-to hangout spot for the K-pop world

by Pranali Mehta

Clubhouse, the renowned invite-only social networking app, is reportedly becoming a popular playground for the global K-pop community with several K-pop artists, and other Korean music industry insiders signing up to the platform. This is in turn bringing an immense influx of fans to the Clubhouse social network.

Consequently, the innovative audio-based interaction app, which enables iPhone users to have conversations within dedicated ‘clubs’ or ‘rooms’, has quickly become a platform where K-pop industry insiders as well as the general public can engage in discourse. For the overall Korean music scene, the app has turned into a venue where industry workers, fans, and artists can connect with each other.

The uniqueness of the Clubhouse social network is that only individuals that are speaking ‘onstage’ can speak with each other, with moderators facilitating the conversation. This has given influencers and celebrities across a wide array of industries a common ground to share their thoughts and also hold conversations within spaces that are moderated by peers.

This unique way of interaction has birthed a fly-on-the-wall type culture where conversations can take place in real time within a public forum without any feedback from the audience, who cannot interject or speak unless the ‘mic’ is passed to them.

This is in stark contrast to the numerous social media platforms that allow unchecked audience feedbacks while the artist/host is speaking, which often derails the conversations. This feature has caught the attention of the K-pop industry, and several Korean music insiders and artists alike are now taking advantage.

The K-pop industry is already known for holding regular online broadcasts where artists can interact with their fans in a more casual setting. However, many are finding the apps where these broadcasts take place more constricting for the stars as the constant feedback from fans in real time does not allow them to complete their thoughts.

As Clubhouse grows in popularity across the industry, several Korean artists have been seen holding conversations with each other. In fact, numerous Korean hip-hop and R&B artists have been known to host a room to talk about and listen to music at least once in a week.

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