COVID-19 has erased years of progress in life expectancy: Report

COVID-19 has erased years of progress in life expectancy: Report

by Pranali Mehta

According to a study led by scientists from the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science, Oxford University, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the greatest reduction in life expectancy within the western Europe since the time of the Second World War.

According to reliable sources, scientists examined data collected from 29 countries across Europe, as well as Chile, and the United States, and found that life expectancy decreased last year on a massive scale, wiping out years of progress.

The life recorded expectancies showcased major reduction of almost 2.2 years, relative to 2019 levels, among males in the US, followed by a decline of 1.7 years among Lithuanian males.

The findings are apparently recorded in a paper published in the International Journal of Epidemiology following a study of the 29 nations for which official death registrations for the previous year were released. A total of 27 countries witnessed a decrease in life expectancy.

Dr José Manuel Aburto, the co-lead author of the research, stated that such huge magnitudes of reductions in life expectancy at birth in a single year in western European countries such as Italy, Belgium, England and Wales, and Spain, among others, were only reported during World War II.

Aburto further commented that the scale of the life expectancy declines was dramatic across the majority of the countries surveyed, with females in 8 countries and males in 11 countries experiencing losses greater than a year in 2020. Covid-19 wiped out the progress of one-year increment in life expectancy achieved by these countries over the last 5.6 years, Aburto added.

Last week, IK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated that the impact of Covid-19 has reduced men's life expectancy in the country for the first time in 40 years. According to the ONS, a male child born between the years 2018 and 2020 is likely to live to the age of 79, down from 79.2 in 2015-17.

According to ONS, male life expectancy in England has declined from 79.5 years in 2015-17 to 79.3 years in 2018-2, and in Scotland from 77 to 76.8 years. However, it has climbed somewhat in Northern Ireland, from 78.4 to 78.7, while it has remained largely steady in Wales, at 78.3.

As per the research, males showed greater reductions in life expectancy than females in the majority of the 29 nations studied. Moreover, the report specified that fatalities caused due to Covid-19 were responsible for the majority of life expectancy declines across different countries.

Dr. Ridhi Kashyap, another co-lead author, called the publication and the availability of more data on Covid-related deaths from a plethora of nations, including low and middle-income countries, in an effort to better assess the overall impact of the pandemic on a global level.

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