Derivita & Proctorio Team-up to Secure Online Classes for Educators

Derivita & Proctorio Team-up to Secure Online Classes for Educators

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Proctorio, a pioneering online proctoring company providing end-to-end data security solutions, partners with Derivita, a unique STEM assessment platform, to equip educators with the test security tools they require to make sure that academic integrity in online and hybrid classes. Educators in colleges, high schools, and universities can now implement Proctorio Lock Down settings on any Derivita quiz, assignment, or exam at no extra cost.

Derivita and Proctorio announced their partnership in August when the latter’s remote proctoring platform was completely integrated with the cloud-based STEM assessment platform Derivita’s. This integration allowed educators to manage online quizzes, exams, and assignments with the exam security and remote proctoring of Proctorio on the proprietary platform of Derivita to students around the world. 

All Derivita educators can now implement Proctorio Lock Down settings on any Derivita quiz, test, or assignments directly from their LMS course. Furthermore, based on the needs of the course and assignment, the settings can be customized easily. It will allow educators to secure their course content, restrict internet navigation, prevent sharing or printing, and using external resources.

The usage of Proctorio raised steeply to 2.5 million exams every month at more than 1,000 educational institutions across the globe, influenced by the fast transition in online learning and teaching in March.

Devlin Daley, the Founder, and CEO of Derivita, expressed that the COVID-19 pandemic impacted every aspect of modern life and industry instantly including the education sector. He affirmed that with this partnership, both companies will together support colleges, universities, and high school districts in meeting the challenges head-on. The company focuses on providing educators with the tools they require to offer a secure and effective remote teaching and learning experience.

Mike Olsen, Founder, and CEO of Proctorio stated that earlier subject matter for online proctored exams was limited as STEM courses needed specific platforms and tools to perfectly assess a student’s knowledge. With this collaboration, the company aims to provide maximum students with an opportunity to learn and study online and extend the subject areas in which the platform from Proctorio can be used.




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