EA Sports takes over Super Mega Baseball & Metalhead Software

EA Sports takes over Super Mega Baseball & Metalhead Software

by Pranali Mehta

EA Sports has reportedly acquired Super Mega Baseball and its Canadian developer, Metalhead Software. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The transaction is the most recent in a six-month stretch of expansions and moves that have brought EA back to sports, which it had left over the previous decade.

According to sources, the Super Mega Baseball game was launched on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in the latter half of 2014 by Metalhead, which was established in 2009 by Christian Zuger and Scott Drader. Earning Polygon’s sports video game of the year and accolades from several other reviewers, the game was an out-of-nowhere crucial success.

Versions came up for Windows PC and Xbox One, as well as two sequels, namely 2018’s Super Mega Baseball 2 and the previous year’s game, both of which were launched on the Nintendo Switch.

According to Cam Weber, the SVP in charge of EA Sports, the company puts together a deliberate strategy of growth for EA Sports, which comprises getting into several new sports that it hasn’t been in, in a while, and placing its bets in certain areas. One of those things comprises the re-establishment of a presence in baseball, and looking at the company’s alternatives there, added Weber.

As part of an agreement where Major League Baseball is acting as the publisher of the game, the Sony-developed MLB ‘The Show 21’ was released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X in the month of April.

The MLB ‘The Show 21’ is a PlayStation exclusive since the debut of the franchise in 2006. Sources also speculate the possibility of a Nintendo Switch version sometime later. The game was also accessible to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass on the day of launch.

It is to be noted that Weber acknowledges that fans will immediately look upon the acquisition as an indicator of EA Sports’ intention to merge Super Mega Baseball’s ready-made fan base and off-the-shelf gameplay with Major League Baseball licensing.

Source credit: https://www.polygon.com/22421420/super-mega-baseball-ea-acquisition-metalhead-software-mlb-licensing-mvp-baseball

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