Ex UN leaders: a climate catastrophe inevitable with current policies

Ex UN leaders: a climate catastrophe inevitable with current policies

by Sakina Raj

Three former UN climate leaders have reportedly warned that the policies currently established to address the climate crisis worldwide is likely to lead to catastrophic climate breakdown. The leaders claimed that the governments of the developed countries have failed to take the necessary actions required to fulfill their promises.

As per reports, there is a sharp contrast in what these governments have pledged to undertake to protect the climate and the policies and measures required to attain those targets.  

Speaking of which, at the Cop26 summit in November, the countries had agreed to put forward their plans to bring down the global heating to 1.5°C  above the pre-industrial levels. However, so far, they have only submitted pledges that would limit temperature to under 2°C.

In fact, the policies and measures implemented by these governments would further lead to greater temperature rises of as much as 3.6°C, which would, in turn, have a catastrophic impact on the environment, leading to rising sea levels, extreme weather, and other irreversible changes in climate globally.

The three former directors of the UN Framework Convention on Climate expressed their disappointment with the governments who had signed the Paris agreement in 2015 to limit global warming to 1.5°C and failed to match national pledges with concrete actions and policies to see through the results.

The UN is entitled to question the progress made by governments, their vision moving forward and the genuineness of their motives. Moreover, science has shown that taking action this decade is critical for reducing all greenhouse gases.

Sources claimed that widespread devastation is likely to ensue if the greenhouse gas emissions are not tackled as a priority, especially given the extreme weather conditions witnessed in 2022.

Governments are once again being implored to act against climate change while dealing with other pressing concerns as the further delay could spell ruined harvests, food & water insecurity, rising sea levels, droughts, and desertification.

Notably, actions taken by developed countries are disappointing as they have failed to reduce emissions while failing to make adequate finance available for underdeveloped countries to help them cope with the impacts of climate breakdown.

Source credit: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jun/02/current-policies-will-bring-catastrophic-climate-breakdown-warn-former-un-leaders

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