Express Cards unveils Virtual Visa Gift Card for online transactions

Express Cards unveils Virtual Visa Gift Card for online transactions

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Express Cards, a business website that offers virtual credit cards, has reportedly launched a new Virtual Visa Gift Card with instant delivery to the customers email address and Bitcoin and other reliable Cryptocurrency.

The key issue with plastic cards is that they are vulnerable to identity theft and scams. In the period of Bitcoin and other reliable Cryptocurrencies, there seems no need for wasting time and worrying about the safety of online transactions. Additionally, numerous customers have been voicing their trust in Express Cards as they feel that it is an exceptional way of using Cryptocurrency for secure transactions.

Buying a VCC from Express Cards is a great way of utilizing technological advancement for hassle-free shopping. The buyer can place the limited amount needed at specific time with confidence and avoiding any odds of there being a theft.

The founder of Express Cards stated that since online transactions are not as safe as they seem, the best option is to purchase Virtual Visa cards with reliable Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The company founder added that Express Cards supports customers’ wish to shop and transfer money without any security breaches or delay. The company works diligently for its customers’ trust and the good reviews they share.

The idea of having a platform where people could buy Visa gift card with Bitcoin with ease has significantly changed numerous lives. With trust as a major factor, people who hesitated in the beginning to opt for online shopping sites or other virtual transactions have begun trusting Express cards. All this was because of the positive reviews of customers and convenience these cards bring in comparison to cash or plastic cards.

Additionally, the business website allows the users to link their card with online accounts like MoneyBookers, PayPal, and Google. The main reason of buying a Visa card with Bitcoin on the website is rapid response. A  customer would receive a 16-digit code via email or some other shared contact in just 10 minutes.

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