Facebook to ban QAnon conspiracy-linked accounts prior to U.S. polls

Facebook to ban QAnon conspiracy-linked accounts prior to U.S. polls

by Pranali Mehta

American social media conglomerate Facebook Inc. has reportedly announced that it will ban all accounts linked to the conspiracy group called QAnon. Sources with knowledge of the matter claimed that the social networking giant is focusing on curbing misinformation ahead of the U.S. presidential elections.

The recent development comes along the heels of Facebook’s efforts to avoid being used to confuse or deceive voters, which was evidently the case during 2016 presidential elections.

According to a blogpost, Facebook is targeting accounts which are linked to anarchist groups that support U.S.-based militia organizations, QAnon and other content linked to violent acts. The company further claimed that it will remove all Facebook Groups, Pages as well as Instagram accounts associated with QAnon, even though they comprise of no violent content or misinformation.

It is to be noted that Facebook had recently banned ads that represent, support or praise militarized social movements on all its platforms. In fact, the social networking giant has barred around 2,000 groups linked to QAnon in its efforts of curbing violence.

However, critics claimed that inflammatory content associated with QAnon were multiplying on Facebook’s platforms despite the company’s efforts to contain it. In this context, Facebook stated that QAnon supporters adapt to changing regulations in order to avoid restrictions.

Jonathan Greenblatt, Chief Executive at Anti-Defamation League was reported saying that Facebook’s decision to forbid QAnon from each of its platforms is a major step to eliminate dangerous conspiracy theories from social networking websites.

Reportedly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had previously labelled QAnon as a terrorist threat and could provoke individuals or groups to carry out criminal acts. Other social media companies such as YouTube and Twitter are also focusing on removing QAnon content from their respective platforms, sources claimed.

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