FIFA President ‘strongly disapproves’ creation of breakaway league

FIFA President ‘strongly disapproves’ creation of breakaway league

by Pranali Mehta

Gianni Infantino, President of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has reportedly announced his ‘strong disapproval’ for the creation of the European Super League, telling the 12 breakaway clubs that they cannot be “half in, half out” of the football system, and will have to “live with the consequences” of their decision.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), which is the administrative body for football, among other sports, in Europe, has supposedly threatened to impose a ban on the super league clubs from both domestic and international competitions and will fight the breakaway project.

Reportedly, UEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin urged the English clubs to ‘come to their senses.’

Meanwhile, Infantino briefed the UEFA congress in Montreux, Switzerland, that in case some members wanted to go their own way, they will have to face the consequences of the choice they make. Stating that they are responsible for their own decisions, and that ‘either they are in the system, or they are out of it’, making it clear that clubs cannot be half in and half out.

Infantino reportedly also stated that there is no doubt over FIFA’s disapproval as the organization strongly disapproves of the Super League, calling it a ‘closed shop’ and a ‘breakaway from the existing institutions.’

Among the member of the proposed Super League are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United, and Juventus. Florentino Perez, President, Real Madrid, apparently claimed that the creation of the new league is necessary to “save football.”

Meanwhile, after UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, met with the Football Association and Premier League officials, along with fans' representatives, the UK government has seemingly claimed that it would take whatever action is necessary, including a legislative course, in order to ensure that the proposals for the breakaway league are stopped. Both the UK’s Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party have reportedly supported Johnson’s stand on the matter.

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