First Databank partners with RxCap to launch medication adherence app

First Databank partners with RxCap to launch medication adherence app

by Pranali Mehta

First Databank Inc. (FDB), one of the leading providers of drug and medical device databases that advise healthcare experts regarding precise decision-making, has reportedly partnered with Boston-based RxCap Inc. to introduce a patient-facing smartphone app that enables patients to conveniently import personalized medication instructions allotted by their providers.

Sources cite that the app uses content from FDB Meducation®, a cloud-driven solution embedded directly into EHR (Electronic Health Record) and pharmacy management workflows at community pharmacies or health systems to offer simplified medication instructions and education to patients.

For the record, RxCap is Boston-based medication adherence DaaS (data-as-a-service) firm. RxCap Adhere, currently available in the Apple’s App Store and coming soon in Google’s Play Store, enables patients to import their prescribed medications list along with giving access to medication instructions from Meducation. Moreover, the app notifies patients to take medications on time, record every instance when patients confirm adherence to the drug therapy regimen, and also alert selected caregivers if a medication is missed.

Both RxCap and FDB have also received Epic App Orchard approval from the leading EHR Company after a complex approval process.

Bob Katter, President at First Databank said that Meducation is an extremely valuable solution for pharmacists and physicians to help their patients learn more about the significance of their medications and how to take them. FDB has offered this vital information to patients via pharmacies and hospitals for years through standard printed as well as online information, he states.

Now, RxCap Adhere makes this information more accessible to patients through their mobile devices, Mr. Katter said while adding that this is another way FDB is placing patients at the center of their services.

Sreeram Ramakrishnan, Founder, and CEO at RxCap said that the company is dedicated to enabling personalized care interventions by offering real-time medication adherence data that could be conveniently integrated with digital assets and enterprise workflows.

He added that the company is honored to collaborate with FDB to provide patients with an intuitive approach to sync their medication prescriptions, continuously manage schedules, and access easy-to-consume information regarding their medications.

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