Ford pauses orders for its hybrid pickup Maverick citing high demand

Ford pauses orders for its hybrid pickup Maverick citing high demand

by Pranali Mehta

American automobile giant, Ford, has reportedly announced that it will stop accepting orders for its 2022 model year Maverick pickup truck from Thursday January 27th onwards. The announcement was made by company spokesman Michael Levine via an email. After Thursday, customers will be able to purchase the 2023 model year when the order banks open back up this summer.

However, the halt is only applicable to retail orders, which means that government as well as business fleet buyers can still place their orders after Thursday.

Brian Moody, Executive Editor, Autotrader, stated that the cause for the halt on orders may be due to a combination of factors, speculating that Ford might not have expected the model to become so popular while the industry struggles with supply chain issues. 

For the uninitiated, the auto industry is suffering from a global supply chain crisis, predominantly affecting computer chips, which has led to significant production delays worldwide. Ford, however, has not cited any particular issue behind its decision. 

Before it had gone on sale in fall, around late August Ford stated that already 100,000 orders for Maverick had been received, but since then, no update on orders has been provided. Maverick became the third pickup truck in the company’s lineup, following the mid-sized Ranger, and F-150.

Despite the apparent strong demand, Maverick’s actual sales, however, are much lower than Ford's bigger F-series pickup, having sold more than 62,400 of the latter in December 2021 as compared to 6,000 of Maverick’s. F-series trucks are also manufactured at four different factories, while the Maverick is only made at one. 

The Maverick is available in both hybrid and non-hybrid versions, with the hybrid being the least expensive entry-level truck at a starting price of around $20,000. This is quite peculiar since hybrid versions typically cost more than a fully gas-powered model due to the addition of electric motors and powerful batteries to the engine. 

Ivan Drury, analyst at Edmunds, speculated that the truck’s low starting price might be the reason behind its popularity among customers, with the Mavericks selling at an average price of around $28,000 which included options, a relatively lower average price for a new vehicle that would otherwise cost around $46,000. 

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