Fujitsu starts private 5G services to advance digital transformation

Fujitsu starts private 5G services to advance digital transformation

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Fujitsu has reportedly launched private 5G services that deploy wireless systems, including private LTE and private 5G, for accelerating the digital transformation of consumers. The company will start with the provision of an inclusive service for effectively supporting clinetele’s utilization of private wireless or private 5G systems in Japan.

Fujitsu further intends on optimizing digital transformation programs by integrating its network technology, industry expertise, and partnerships with numerous industry partners. The company has launched its “Private 5G Partnership Program” for providing customers with a broad array of solutions and use cases that have been developed via the utilization of private 5G in collaboration with partner organizations.

The company’s Collaboration Lab verification facility will be available for implementing co-created solutions via the integration of multiple devices from partner enterprises.

Sources state that Fujitsu’s “Private Wireless Managed Services” provide one-stop services from the company’s wireless technology specialists for operating, building, measuring, maintaining, and designing the private 5G system. The company’s “Private Wireless Cloud Services” furnish firm support but with small initial benefits by decreasing the starting deployment costs.

For the uninitiated, Fujitsu’s “5G Vertical Service Office” was established in May for the purpose of strengthening vertically integrated services. The company will continue the expansion of its lineup of private 5G solutions, products, and services, in addition to contributing to its customers’ DX via the abundant solutions offered by Fujitsu and its partners, add sources.

Along with wireless technology, the positioning of a private wireless system, comprising private 5G, requires operational expertise and advanced deployment, such as the IoT technology that processes and collects data from numerous devices.

Sources state that while utilizing a private wireless system, such as private LTE and a private 5G system, a high level of technical knowledge and expertise in operation and implementation is essential, also in areas comprising IoT technology for processing and capturing data from numerous devices on-site.


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