Gameloft partners with Indian social gaming platform WinZO

Gameloft partners with Indian social gaming platform WinZO

by Pranali Mehta

Gameloft, the creator of the popular games like Asphalt 9, has reportedly announced a partnership deal with India-based social gaming platform WinZO to utilize the country’s high potential market.

According to Paavan Nanda, CEO of WinZO, their company has a strong presence in the vernacular market, and it will help Gameloft in marking its entry into the booming Indian gaming industry.

WinZO, with about 70 million users, has 60 percent as premium-paying customers. It also manages more than 2.5 billion micro-transaction every month.

Mr. Nanda states that their company is well-positioned to aid global companies in tapping into the Indian gaming industry. 

He further added that India is at the forefront of the global gaming scenario, and with the right opportunity, it can make use of its tech and market capabilities to expand the market and have a noticeable presence on the global grid.  

It is expected that Gameloft will be able to expand its user base by using WinZO’s consumers that are mostly based in the country’s tier-2 to tier 5 market range and play in non-English languages. 

Mr. Nanda believes that WinZO can help Gameloft in gaining monetary profit ‘100X better’ because of its format where the company only has to push Gameloft’s product on its platform which otherwise has a massive captive user base. 

Under the partnership, WinZO’s platform capabilities, including streaming, game formats as well as the WinZO Store, will be available to Gameloft to drive revenue for its latest game Asphalt 9.

For those unaware, Gameloft is the leading gaming giant which offers more than 500 gaming apps across Android and iOS and records about 20 million downloads annually.

WinZO hosts more than 80 games on its platform that can be played in 12 different languages and has its in-app marketplace, WinZO Store.  

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