Google Cloud to shut down its IoT Core service by August 2023

Google Cloud to shut down its IoT Core service by August 2023

by Sakina Raj

Google’s cloud computing service, Google Cloud Platform, has reportedly announced that it will discontinue its IoT Core service, with customers having a year to shift to a partner for managing their IoT devices.

A company spokesperson stated that since the launch of IoT Core, it had become evident that the needs of its customers can be served better by its partners who specialize in IoT applications and services. 

The spokesperson added that the company is ensuring to make the shift as seamless as possible and has worked extensively to offer customers alternative solutions and migration options, giving a year-long time before discontinuing the service.

Its competitors Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, also offer similar services with which customers can manage their IoT devices and collect and understand data coming from those devices. 

Holger Mueller, analyst at Constellation Research commented that the move was intriguing as IoT was considered to be a major driver for innovation for cloud vendors.

Mueller conveyed that the three major cloud vendors, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have not offered much innovation in IoT services, allowing specialized vendors to enter the market.

He explained that these vendors run on the cloud infrastructure of the big three and get the work done without investing or maintaining the software platform. 

It is speculated that the move could have been caused due to the increasing losses Google has been facing in its cloud division as it worked on catching up with Microsoft and Amazon. Although the division reported over $6 billion in revenue last month, it also reported a loss of $858 million.

According to a report by Synergy Research last month, the cloud infrastructure market value reached almost $55 billion in the previous quarter, with Google having a 10% share, following Amazon and Microsoft having 34% and 21%, respectively.

In a blog post last month, the internet giant outlined the major tenets for changing or closing a service and stated that if a depreciation or breaking change occurs, it will be the company’s burden to make the migration as effortless as possible.

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