Google launches Google Play Games for PC for all users in five nations

Google launches Google Play Games for PC for all users in five nations

by Pranali Mehta

Google, the US-based tech giant, has reportedly announced that its Google Play Games for PC program, that allows users to download Android games on Windows, is now accessible under an open beta to all users in five countries namely Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and Thailand.

Earlier this year, the company launched a short test in which interested gamers could access the platform by signing up for a waitlist. Now that the event has been announced, they will not need to wait for an invitation.

The limited beta began with a small group of players in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong before expanding to Australia and Thailand in March.

The search engine giant added that to allow more users to enjoy these games, it has been cutting on system requirements.

A PC with at least an octa-core CPU, a gaming-class GPU, and 20GB of free storage space was required for the initial beta. These specifications are lowered for the next open beta to a quad-core CPU, an inclusive GPU, and 10GB of free storage.

Google stated that it currently has over 50 Windows user's games compatible with PCs. Players can begin a game on a PC and continue where they left off by entering the same Google ID on an Android phone.

The tech firm stated that over the past few months, the firm has almost doubled the number of games in its Google Play Games library to 50+ titles. These games can be played on Windows PCs using a Google-developed standalone app.

Many of the most popular mobile games in the world are available in the catalog, such as Top War, Last Fortress: Underground, Cookie Run: Kingdom, and Summoners War. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide play these games together.

Amazon and Microsoft have teamed up to distribute Android apps to Windows users, while Google is in charge of Android game distribution on Windows. Users in the US were allowed to get Android apps using the Amazon App Store through the Windows 11 Insider Program.

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