Google to reach a deal for paying French publishers for their news

Google to reach a deal for paying French publishers for their news

by Pranali Mehta

Google LLC has reportedly announced that it is poised to reach a deal for paying French publishers for their news. The announcement is viewed as Google’s latest move for placating media groups and heading off regulators that side with publishers, seeking a level playing field.

According to Pierre Louette, the CEO of Groupe Les Echos, the previous few weeks have enabled the clarification of numerous points, making sure that Google accepts the principle of remuneration for the company’s press titles.

French publishers are among the American tech giant’s fiercest critics, state sources adding that the French antitrust authority had ordered the company in April to pay French news agencies and publishing companies for their content against complaints by media groups.

According to Google, it has been collaborating with the Alliance de la Presse d’Information Generale for a year on the revenue of neighboring rights as per the French regulations. There has been a positive evolution of discussions in the recent weeks, the company added stating that an agreement would comprise acceptance of the neighboring right along with the French groups’ participation in News Showcase.

The previous week, Google had shared plans to pay $1 billion to worldwide publishers over a period of next three years for their news, beginning with Brazilian and German media groups under its novel product, News Showcase.

As per sources, the transaction with French publishers would come on the eve of a French appeals court ruling on a supposed neighboring right revered in revamped EU copyright regulations, enabling publishers to demand a remuneration from online platforms for depicting news snippets.

For the uninitiated, Google LLC was founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page and specializes in Internet-related products and services that comprise cloud computing, a search engine, online advertising technologies, hardware, and software. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, in the United States.


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