Google's Fuchsia OS is making its much-awaited debut on Nest Hub

Google's Fuchsia OS is making its much-awaited debut on Nest Hub

by Pranali Mehta

The much-awaited Fuchsia Operating System of Google is reportedly starting to be rolled out on its first ever consumer device, the first-gen Nest Hub, as per reliable reports. The work of Google on Fuchsia Operating System first appeared in year 2016 and the open-source OS is distinguished for not being based on a Linux kernel, rather using a microkernel named Zircon.

Although the rollout on the Nest Hub starts from today, but the entire process of release would take few months. It would come to consumers in the Preview Program first, before gradually releasing more extensively.

It is known for a while that the OS has been tested on the Nest Hub, while more proof for a release appeared all thanks to a Bluetooth SIG listing that exhibited the Nest Hub running Fuchsia 1.0.

While, the Nest Hub would switch its current Cast Operating System for Fuchsia Operating System, it is being reported that the whole experience is expected to be almost similar and most consumers are not likely to even notice the new switch.

All this brings the question of what exactly the new Fuchsia Operating System is meant to attain. The multinational technology firm calls it a production-grade OS which is safe, pragmatic, inclusive as well as updatable. Google stated that the operating system might eventually power smartphones and laptops, however Fuchsia is not supposed to be one-for-one substitute of Chrome or Android OS.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, chief, Android and Chrome, stated in 2019, that the new OS is just about pushing the revolutionary product in terms of OSs and things one could learn from Fuchsia and could also incorporate them into other products.

The smart display of Google is not likely to be the last product or even form factor to have a Fuchsia Operating System update. However, the exact changes for the switch may take a little longer to emerge.

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