HD Hyundai unit Avikus sails into Level 2 autonomous navigation system

HD Hyundai unit Avikus sails into Level 2 autonomous navigation system

by Sakina Raj

Avikus, a division of HD Hyundai, the largest shipbuilding company in South Korea, has reportedly announced that it has successfully commercialized its Level 2 autonomous navigation system for the shipbuilding market.

According to a statement from the company, Avikus has an agreement in place with two local companies, Sinokor Merchant Marine Co. and SK Shipping Co., to gradually provide 23 ships controlled by the shippers with the latest Level 2 autonomous navigation system.

The company further stated that the deep learning concept based HiNAS 2.0 (Level 2 Hyundai Intelligent Navigation Assist System) would enable a vessel to act according to unforeseen circumstances unattended. The system will also allow for speed regulation, collision avoidance, and fuel efficiency.

With absolutely no crew members needed aboard, a Level 3 vessel equips remote control system, which can be accessed in emergency situations. A boat's autonomous features can maneuver in any situation at Level 4.

As per the statement, the market for autonomous navigation systems is in its early stages. Avikus plans to start selling off the Level 2 system for recreational boats beginning in 2023.

The Level 1 system from Avikus has recorded sales of 220 units, primarily to foreign shippers who operate luxury commercial vessels, including liquefied natural gas (LNG) ships and container carriers.

According to the company, the current maritime regulations, which prohibit the operation of unmanned vessels owing to security concerns, must be changed to position the Level 3 and Level 4 ships in the market.

An international market research firm Acute Market Reports anticipates the market for autonomous navigation ships and associated equipment to increase at an average pace of 12.6% per year to hit $235.7 billion in 2028.

The Level 2 technology was utilized in an LNG ship in the world’s first transoceanic voyage conducted by Avikus in June.

Using Avikus' HiNAS 2.0 system, the 180,000-cubic-meter LNG carrier traveled half of the almost 20,000 kilometers of the month-long trip from Freeport situated on the southern Gulf of Mexico coast to the Boryeong LNG Terminal in South Korea.

Source credit: https://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20220809000587

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