Heathrow cuts 61 flights impacting 10,000 passengers & warns of more

Heathrow cuts 61 flights impacting 10,000 passengers & warns of more

by Sakina Raj

Heathrow, the major British international airport, reportedly cancelled nearly 61 flights at the start of the week, adversely impacting the travel plans of more than 10,000 passengers. The Airport further warned that more cancellations will follow this summer.

The airport stated that it lacked sufficient capacity to accommodate the anticipated passenger volume, resulting in the cancellation of the flights.

Airlines were asked not to rebook the travelers that were affected by the cancellations on alternate flights.

During the weekend, issues with the luggage system prevented hundreds of bags from being loaded into flights.

Heathrow also stated that it will request additional schedule adjustments from airlines if it finds that the current restrictions are not sufficient to minimize disruption.

The UK government recently instructed airlines to ensure that they can meet their schedules and granted them permission to cancel flights without penalty.

Wizz Air was the most recent airline to announce schedule reductions of another 5% even though it anticipated a busy summer.

Thousands of flights have been cancelled over the past couple of weeks by British Airways, the largest airline serving Heathrow, and other airlines, while other flights have experienced delays.

Heathrow issued an apology for the ‘not acceptable’ service the airport has provided lately and announced that by the end of July, staffing will be back to the pre-pandemic level.

According to a recent survey, Heathrow has the third-worst record for flying on-time performance among UK airports last year.

As per the PA's examination of data from the Civil Aviation Authority, flight departures were on average 11 minutes and 48 seconds late.

Birmingham Airport experienced the worst delays where the departure was on average 12 minutes and 24 seconds late.

With delays of 12 minutes, Southampton Airport had the second-worst track record. Exeter and Aberdeen came fourth and fifth, respectively.

The research evaluated all chartered and scheduled departures.

Southend airport had the most punctual flights, with an average delay of under two minutes 48 seconds.

Belfast International and Teesside International came next, both of which suffered delays of over four minutes.

Because fewer flights were operating during the Covid-19 pandemic, Birmingham Airport claimed that many of its late departures were able to compensate for the delayed time in the air.

Source credit: https://news.sky.com/story/heathrow-warns-of-more-flight-cancellations-this-summer-as-worst-uk-airports-for-delays-revealed-12649765

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