Huawei to Serve the European 5G Clients as the US Restrictions Tighten

Huawei to Serve the European 5G Clients as the US Restrictions Tighten

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Huawei is finding it difficult to counter the U.S. sanctions which are designed to suspend its access to semiconductors. But the Chinese telecom giant can continue serving European 5G network clients, according to the reports.

The company was still looking for a solution to support millions of its phone users after Google was restricted to provide technical support for the Huawei phone models utilizing the mobile operating system Android.

Huawei's vice-president for Europe, Abraham Liu stated that since the United States sanction last year, the U.S. semiconductor manufacturers are no longer permitted to supply them, and thus their previous partners cannot work with them any longer and things have become more difficult since August.

 He added that the US administration was blackmailing chipmakers to cut ties with Huawei, denying US allegations that the telecom company’s equipment might be used by Beijing for spying.

Huawei is confident that it can endure serving its European customers in the 5G sector due to the numerous preparations and honest investments with the most cutting-edge technology, Liu confirmed.

The company still witnesses difficulties for cell phone owners and private customers. There are 90 million users of Huawei in Europe. As Google is not permitted to work with Huawei any longer, it will not publish updates for the Huawei smartphones that have the Android operating system. The company is still seeking a solution.

While the United States is forcing to exclude the Chinese company from supplying crucial telecoms equipment, Orange and Proximus chose Nokia to support the building of G networks in Belgium.

The members of the European Union are stepping up inspection of the so-called high-risk vendors. This puts the governance and technology of Huawei to critical examination and is expected to lead various other European operators to remove it from their network, according to the reports.



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