Impossible Foods launches initiative to honor food tech women pioneers

Impossible Foods launches initiative to honor food tech women pioneers

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Impossible Foods Inc., a California-based company that specializes in producing plant-based meat alternatives, has reportedly entered a joint venture agreement with Vegan Women Summit to launch an initiative called Women Building the Future.

The primary motive of the program is to highlight pioneering women who are leading food technology and sustainability innovations. Moreover, the two entities are currently looking for nominations and intend to offer visibility to these women leaders as well as their respective achievements.

These nominations will include women who have spearheaded in the fields of agriculture and sustainability. Individuals who are 13 years old and above can apply for the nominations for free, which will be accepted through April-end and the final list will be announced in June.

VP of Diversity and Inclusion at Impossible Foods, Bindu Garapaty, mentioned that empowering and promoting women leaders is one of the company’s missions cores. She added that the partnership with Vegan Women Summit will bring visibility to women who are working to save the planet.

Meanwhile, Founder of Vegan Women Summit, Jennifer Stojkovic, women’s voices, especially of color, are often underrepresented and overlooked in the food tech sector. The organization is looking forward to offering global attention as well as support to these women by teaming up with a renowned plant-based inventor such as Impossible Foods, she claimed.

The selected nominee group will also be able to participate in an exclusive program with other pioneers in food & sustainability such as Impossible Foods’ CEO Pat Brown.

For those unaware, Impossible Foods’ mission predominately involves solving the planet’s climate and extinction crises. The plant-based meat producer intends to achieve this by lowering global warming levels and restoring biodiversity by making the worldwide food system sustainable.

The company has been gaining significant popularity of late for its Impossible Burger, a product made using plant-based ingredients. Moreover, prominent food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC have also started adding the Impossible Burger in their respective menus to cater to the growing demand for organic food products.

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