InventHelp Illinois inventor creates Irrigation Recirculation System

InventHelp Illinois inventor creates Irrigation Recirculation System

by Nandita Bhardwaj

An InventHelp inventor from Illinois has reportedly announced his invention of the Irrigation Water Recirculation System. The invention offers an effective system for filtration, recycling, and distribution of rain and irrigation water. The system provides an improved alternative to conventional methods, cite sources.

According to the inventor, he wanted to develop an enhanced system for cleaning and reusing irrigation water. The design of the Irrigation Water Recirculation System delivers a rain harvesting system, equipped with irrigation water recirculating capabilities, for the effective removal of solid debris for the purpose of distribution and reuse.

Further, the system reduces the amount of water needed by an outside source and has the potential to effectively reduce water bills by using the recycled water. The invention would ensure the removal of debris and other solids and also offer substantial amount of relief during droughts.

The original design of the invention was reportedly submitted to the Chicago sales office of the company and is presently available for sale or licensing to marketers or manufacturers. While the invention features an efficient design for easy maintenance and usage, it is ideal for use by municipalities and residences that utilize irrigation water. A prototype of the irrigation system is also available.

For the uninitiated, InventHelp was founded in 1984 and is presently one of the leading inventor service companies at the global level. The firm has its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and employs over 100 people comprising writers, customer service representatives, researchers, illustrators, and other staff. The company has the largest network of regional sales offices in over 60 cities in Germany, Australia, Canada, and the US.

InventHelp assists customers in their endeavor to submit new product ideas or inventions to industry. The company also provides referral services to an independent licensed patent attorney for the provision of a preliminary patent and search opinion.


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