Israel might limit social gatherings as COVID-19 infection rates surge

Israel might limit social gatherings as COVID-19 infection rates surge

by Pranali Mehta

On Sunday, the Health Ministry of Israel announced that it will reimpose social gathering restrictions at private and public events, as well as promote social distancing in companies that serve clients and people, such as stores and shopping malls. The new restrictions are likely to begin from the middle of this week.

The limitations are intended to curb a recent return of COVID-19 infections, which have pushed the daily caseload to levels not seen in more than a half-year after the country managed to reduce the spread to just a few dozen new cases per day on average.

The Israeli government is adamant about avoiding the country's fourth shutdown since the Coronavirus pandemic began and is promoting vaccines among the populace as well as certain limitations, as a strategy to combat an unexpected wave of infections before morbidity rates lower again.

According to new restriction rules, private gatherings will be limited to 100 people outside and 50 inside, while event venues will be limited to 500 people outside and 400 inside. No event can have more than 75% of a venue's capacity.

Moreover, there will be a limit of a maximum of 1,000 people inside and 5,000 people outside for large events or Mass gatherings with no designated seating. Face masks will be required in all enclosed locations as well as outdoor gatherings of at least 100 people.

However, the Israeli government and the Knesset are yet to accept the new recommendations, which are slated to take effect on Wednesday.

The new restriction rules were added at the last moment to a series of initially authorized measures that were set to go into effect this Wednesday, including the expansion of the Green Pass system, which allows holders to access events or venues.

Only those who have documentation proving they have been vaccinated, recovered, or have taken a negative PCR test within the previous 72 hours, can hold the Green Pass.

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