J&J retracts sales forecast of COVID vaccines amidst excessive supply

J&J retracts sales forecast of COVID vaccines amidst excessive supply

by Sakina Raj

The pharmaceutical company supplies 3% of all doses in the United States, and accounts for roughly 2% of administered doses in Europe

Johnson & Johnson has pulled back its forecast on sales of the company’s COVID-19 vaccines after noticing the indecisiveness of low-income countries rendering a surplus supply of the shot, which was earlier believed to be the inoculation of choice for the developing world.

Previously, the pharmaceutical giant had estimated revenue of around $3.5 billion in 2022 from sales of the single-dose vaccine, however, tables have quickly turned, and demand has withered.

Last year, the pharma player reported vaccine sales worth $2.39 billion with earnings up to $457 million in the first quarter by the vaccination, which was administered at not-for-profit rates.

Nevertheless, so far, the company has showcased a strong performance in its medical device business and spurred its dividend, thereby taking its shares up around 3%.

Moreover, increasing speculations around potential consequences of vaccine - deadly blood clots or production issues - further worsened after a controversial mistake in vaccine formulation by a manufacturer leading to efficacy issues have reduced the demand for shots in high-income countries.

In terms of global supply, J&J’s COVID vaccine accounts for merely 3% and 2% of the total doses administered in the United States and Europe respectively.

With a considerably mellow response from Europe and the U.S., the majority of J&J’s vaccine supply has been provided to lower-income countries with the hope that since the vaccine is a one-time shot with a shelf-life extending to a couple of months, the regions will display a profitable uptake.

Unfortunately, no such strategies have come to fruition as lower-income countries also possess the same hesitancy as that of its high-income counterparts.

According to the World Health Organization, poorer countries have placed insufficient orders for vaccines to vaccinate a bare minimum of 70% of their populations by mid-2022.

J&J rivals have also projected COVID19 vaccine sales forecast, with Pfizer Inc. predicting $32 billion in 2022 for the shot developed with BioNTech SE, whereas Moderna Inc. estimates a revenue of $21 billion through vaccine sales this year.

Source Credits: https://www.fxempire.com/news/article/johnson-johnson-suspends-sales-forecast-for-covid-19-vaccine-971901

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