Jeff Bezos questions China’s influence on Twitter post Musk’s takeover

Jeff Bezos questions China’s influence on Twitter post Musk’s takeover

by Pranali Mehta

Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, has reportedly raised concerns over the latest Twitter takeover deal by questioning whether China would lean on Musk’s EV company, Tesla, to subdue criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the social media platform.

Bezos, who is the second-richest man in the world after Musk, posted a tweet questioning the potential influence Beijing could exert over the platform after the news of Musk acquiring Twitter broke out earlier that day.

For the uninitiated, Elon Musk has reached a $44 billion deal with Twitter’s board to purchase one of the most influential online platforms.

Bezos’ questioning came as a reply to a tweet that was posted by Mike Forsythe, a reporter for the New York Times, which listed the importance of Tesla’s business for China, noting that the country is the EV maker’s second-largest market.

The tweet also highlighted that China has a way of holding leverage over the platform now, which it had lost after blocking it in 2009.

The takeover has spurred hot debate over the far-reaching implications of a wealthy and powerful person, with numerous business interests, like Musk owning a platform that has 217 million users and plays an important role in shaping the media and political agenda in the US and in other nations.

In subsequent tweets, however, the Amazon CEO clarified his words and stated that any kind of pressure from China would not likely result in censorship.

Bezos tweeted that his own answer to that question is ‘probably not’, and that it is more likely that complexity would develop for Tesla in China rather than it resulting in censorship on the platform. 

He also said that Musk is extremely good at being able to navigate such types of complexity.

The Twitter takeover supposedly came unexpectedly and has caused major controversy among the company’s employees.

Apparently, Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal, had arranged a company-wide meeting with employees where he claimed that the social networking platform’s future direction is uncertain.

The company has also told employees that Musk will be joining the staff for a Q&A session on a later date.

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