Kiadis obtains $9.5 million in funding from ARMI BioFabUSA program

Kiadis obtains $9.5 million in funding from ARMI BioFabUSA program

by Pranali Mehta

Clinical stage biopharmaceutical major, Kiadis Pharma N.V., has reportedly received a sum of $9.5 million in financing from the ARMI (Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institutes) BioFabUSA initiative. These funds have been reportedly secured in collaboration with the United States Department of Defense for the purpose of funding the company’s K-NK-ID101 program.

Sources cite that Kiadis’ initiative includes research on the activity of K-NK-ID101 and its mode of action in the treatment of COVID-19, comprising the lately declared Dutch research program. The proceeds will be further utilized for supporting an additional company-backed Phase 1/2a clinical trial for the objective of stepping up GMP manufacturing and evaluating K-NK-ID101 in COVID-19 patients.

According to Damen Kamen, the Executive Director of ARMI, the company’s collaboration with Kiadis on the development of K-NK cells as a COVID-19 treatment is the precise reason for the creation of ARMI BioFabUSA. He has further highlighted that the company is capable of reacting quickly to the pandemic due to the biofabrication ecosystem developed by its partner businesses. Financing by The Department of Defense is an effective demonstration of the confidence in the company’s capability to deliver results, added Kamen.

As per reports, Kiadis will partner with ARMI BioFabUSA for the establishment of large-scale manufacturing capability for K-NK-ID101 in the U.S., intending to back the industrialization of K-NK cell therapy. Further, ARMI BioFabUSA has secured funding from the United States Department of Defense for the advancement of large-scale manufacturing of tissue-related technologies, comprising cell therapy, and engineered tissues.

Arthur Lahr, Kiadis’ Chief Executive Officer, has stated that K-NK cells represent a plausible provider of a universal pandemic preparedness platform for combating COVID-19 and any other pandemics that may arise in the future. The company is thrilled to partner with ARMI BioFabUSA for the performance of the required R&D, in turn supporting the development of its K-NK manufacturing capability that will benefit all its programs, added Lahr.

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