Leading AR firms like Apple, WiMi are in fierce competition in 5G Era

Leading AR firms like Apple, WiMi are in fierce competition in 5G Era

by Pranali Mehta

Technology giant Apple’s AR glasses have been a fodder for rumors since years, but it wasn’t until today that it felt like the company’s highly anticipated augmented reality eyewear named ‘Apple Glass’ would launch as early as possible.

These glasses look just like ordinary glasses and feature an innovative 3D sensor system that can work with the iPhone. The iPhone maker also unveiled VR glasses, which enables to control the device through winks, stares, and eye movements, as well as with help of ‘touch mode for input and Siri’

Sources cite that numerous technology giants such as Google, Facebook, and WIMI have been putting their best forward to introduce cutting edge AR/VR products to market. A few days ago, the social media giant Facebook also announced its plans to introduce its first AR glasses in 2021.

Although Facebook’s Oculus division has emerged as a prominent supplier of Virtual Reality headsets, Facebook has touted ‘AR’ as the next key frontier in computing, and the release date that may bring the future technology to the masses could be earlier than expected.

Established in 2015, WIMI Hologram also emerged as a major player in the AR landscape. The company offers holographic vision artificial intelligence synthesis and hologram augmented reality interactive software development. As per the industry trends, the 5G network will bring the real potential of mobile communications to the market.

Holographic video calls that seen in Hollywood movies in the past could also come in reality in the 5G connectivity era. Holographic virtual display technology is anticipated to become one of the pivotal innovations for smart terminals in the future. Currently, leading companies such as Microsoft, Google, and WIMI have been working in the field of holography.

With such significant advancements, it is believed that 5G together with AR/VR technologies will become bring a whole new experience in day-to-day life.

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