LG to debut Omnipod concept car at Kakao Mobility’s tech conference

LG to debut Omnipod concept car at Kakao Mobility’s tech conference

by Pranali Mehta

LG, the South Korea-based conglomerate, has reportedly announced that it will make the first offline debut of its conceptual automobile, LG Omnipod, at a tech conference hosted by Kakao Mobility next month.

LG Omnipod is a conceptual self-driving vehicle of the future viewed as extensions of the home, as shown in a clip at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Las Vegas, earlier this month.

It can be used as an office or even a personal area, depending on the preferences of users, where they can engage in activities such as exercising, viewing movies, and shopping in the metaverse, according to LG.

The vehicle will make its debut at the first technology conference held by Kakao Mobility, titled ‘Next Mobility: NEMO 2022’.

On February 10th, the tech conference will be hosting global leaders in the mobility sector to Seoul, namely Chris Urmson, Aurora’s CEO, and Florian Reuter Volocopter’s CEO.

In the keynote speech, CEOs of Volocopter and Aurora will explain their future plans for autonomous vehicles along with urban air transport.

Kakao Mobility will showcase the endless development of mobility at the first conference. Previously, transportation was only recognized as a service that supported mobility in limited ways, such as contacting taxis or giving navigation routes.

According to the firm, the conference will introduce a new framework of mobility that is evolving the life environment of the future, highlighting innovative industry technologies that analyze the objective of mobility using algorithms, offer optimized means of transportation with the help of big data, and introduce objects and services to humans.

The one-day tech conference will cover three sessions including 16 presentations on cutting-edge transportation technologies like fused indoor localization, visual positioning systems, self-driving vehicles, robots, and transportation management systems.

Ryu Geung-seon, Kakao Mobility’s CEO, stated that NEMO 2022 is aimed to extend mobility into a technology-intensive business with active investment, going beyond the advancement of mobility launched by Kakao T.

Source credit: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20220124000711

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