Lime debuts next-gen e-bikes with swappable batteries in Washington DC

Lime debuts next-gen e-bikes with swappable batteries in Washington DC

by Pranali Mehta

Lime is reportedly debuting its next-generation electric bikes in Washington DC starting this week. The company’s North American debut comes one year after it invested USD 50 million for a planned expansion.

The latest models boast a 350-watt motor and a swappable battery with a range of about 25 miles. According to sources, Lime’s new bikes are significantly better than the models currently in service, which the company had obtained with the acquisition of Jump from the bike-sharing app Uber in 2020.

Furthermore, the new bikes have a dual-speed automatic transmission and batteries that can be exchanged with the company's scooters.

The manufacturer claims that the interchangeable batteries between scooters and bikes will benefit not only customers but also the company's bottom line. It will save money by reducing the amount of labor required in each city whilst also simplifying the production process.

Apart from batteries, additional features include new handlebars and a phone holder in the front basket. The latest bikes weigh approximately 72 pounds and are expected to reach a top speed of 20 mph.

According to Paul Holley, global program manager at Lime, these characteristics will enhance customer experience and result in less drained batteries, allowing the company to accomplish tasks more quickly.

Previously, Lime had introduced electric mopeds in cities such as Paris and Washington, as well as pedal-less bikes from Wheels in numerous cities, to incorporate third-party micro-mobility providers into its app.

Notably, Lime has been heavily investing in advanced technologies to broaden its offerings and cater to a wide range of audiences. It is providing zero tailpipe emission transport in the form of scooters for tourists or people looking for shorter rides, and bikes for longer distances in place of car trips.

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