Lord of the Rings MMO cancelled by Amazon Game Studios

Lord of the Rings MMO cancelled by Amazon Game Studios

by Pranali Mehta

Amazon Game Studios, the gaming arm of the global retail giant, has reportedly cancelled its Lord of the Rings MMO, as per a report from Bloomberg.

The MMO, enthused by the fantasy world of the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkein, has been under development for PC as well as consoles for around two years. News regarding the game came in late 2018, when Athlon Games confirmed that it has taken hold of the project.

In 2019, though, the leading video game developer got involved, but it seems that the retail giant’s constant bad luck in the world of game development has led to demise of MMO as well.

As per reliable sources, the cancellation of Lord of the Rings MMO is mainly because of a dispute between Tencent and Amazon, with Tencent having acquired Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd, one of the other development partners of Amazon on the game. 

Amazon has, however stated that it is not able to secure terms to continue with this title at this particular time and that the company is sad to see that it would not be able to bring the game to its users.

This particular cancellation would be a severe blow to Amazon Game Studios, which till now has seen a lot of big budget projects fail or fall down under scrutiny.

Last year, Amazon officially cancelled Crucible, its free-to-play multiplayer shooter, releasing an open beta or public beta to very little fanfare, and even recoiled into a private or closed beta for a little while.

The other big MMO projects of Amazon, including New World, has also seen postponements after it attracted criticism for stereotypical as well as insensitive depictions of Native Americans, in a game that tasked players to colonize the continent as European explorers.

Meanwhile, users who are disappointed by the cancellation of Lord of the Rings MMO, still have the Gollum game to await, or even the existing Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War titles to revisit.

Source credit: https://www.techradar.com/news/amazon-cancels-lord-of-the-rings-mmo-in-latest-blow-to-gaming-division


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