Meebak rolls out its newest line of skincare products in the US

Meebak rolls out its newest line of skincare products in the US

by Pranali Mehta

Beauty brand, Meebak, has reportedly launched the newest line of its revitalizing skincare products in the U.S. The key ingredient of these products reportedly comprises cica, which is also called Tiger Grass or Centella Asiatica. Sources state that Cica is a medicinal plant having naturally healing properties. The herb has been efficaciously utilized for thousands of years as an herbal remedy for soothing and calming skin.

According to Heeji Kim, the CEO and Founder of Meebak, she was spending almost hundreds of dollars on skincare, buying the most expensive products, wondering whether it was really necessary to spend a fortune for getting flawless skin. Kim, then, decided that she would come up with her own special formula, realizing that her skin looked much better.

Meebak was founded by Heeji Kim in 2019. The company offers the same quality of a high-end brand by developing a direct-to-customer relationship, without having the mark-up of a conventional retailer-based counterpart. Kim states that Meebak does not add heavy premiums alike many brands that are out there, but concentrates on delivering its brand promise of happier, younger, and brighter skin.

Studies cite cica’s mention in a Chinese legend, which state people noticing injured tigers rolling around in the cica herb. People were remarkably astonished to realize that it healed the creature’s wounds and, therefore, named the herb ‘Tiger Grass’. Reports state that Cica effectively rebuilds the skin barrier and has a ton of anti-aging benefits comprising the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, skin toning, and collagen boosting.

Meebak’s products are manufactured at a world-class capacity in South Korea and are free from harmful ingredients comprising phthalates, parabens, or sulphates, states the beauty brand. The company’s plant-based Cica line is reportedly its first collection to be rolled out and comes in a range of six different product types including Cica Serum, Cica Cream, Cica & Vitamin C Serum, Cica Mask, Cica Eye Cream, and Cica Toner.


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