Meta testing new ways to simplify switching between FB and Instagram

Meta testing new ways to simplify switching between FB and Instagram

by Pranali Mehta

Meta Platforms, Inc. reportedly revealed that it is now exploring new methods for users on iOS, Android, and the web to quickly switch between Facebook & Instagram and establish new accounts as well as profiles for the same.

Interestingly, if customers choose to connect both platforms to the same Accounts Center, they will be able to receive notifications for both in a single location.

The company stated that they are launching new interfaces that would make it easier for consumers to access, create, and move between various identities and profiles on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

Meta also claims that they realize that many people use more than one application to pursue different hobbies, reach a wider audience, or communicate different elements of who they are with other groups of people. Additionally, users can now sign up for extra profiles by creating an account using their existing Facebook or Instagram login credentials.

Further, the social networking behemoth added that it is also introducing a new login and account registration process that would make it simpler for users to sign in and create new accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

It is worth noting that new users of these services can open an account on these social media apps, then sign up for additional services using that account.  

In other news, Meta recently announced that it has discovered and dismantled two distinct networks of fraudulent accounts participating in clandestine influence campaigns orchestrated by China and Russia.

According to Ben Nimmo, global threat intelligence lead at Meta, claimed while the fake Chinese accounts pretended to be Americans and talked about highly divisive domestic subjects like abortion & gun control, the ones from Russia were extensively promoting pro-Kremlin notions about the Ukrainian conflict, and spent nearly USD 100,000 on Facebook and Instagram ads, while using accounts and pages across multiple social media platforms.

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