Microsoft and Sony Compete in a $150 Billion Games Arena-Fight

Microsoft and Sony Compete in a $150 Billion Games Arena-Fight

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Sony and Microsoft have come into a rivalry with their next-generation video-game consoles. Sony’s PlayStation 5 takes on the Xbox Series X and Series S of Microsoft, which is looked at as being in an advantageous position to take benefit of the pandemic-driven inflation in customer spending that has maintained the $150 Bn video game business.

As per industry experts, with its broad range of games and a huge fan base, Sony has sold over 100 million PS4s, winning the rivalry with the earlier generation which is expected to regain its edge over its American opponent.

Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities analyst, stated that the people who have Xbox tend to purchase the new Xbox, and the people owning PlayStation tend to buy the new version.

However, the industry is transforming and cloud gaming, helping in streaming the games without bulk hardware. It is expected to restrict console sales in the upcoming year which might benefit Microsoft.

Of the two consoles, the first is expected to release by two companies for 7 years and is desperately awaited. The Xbox will be available from Tuesday and the PS5 2 days later in the main market of worth$300 to $500 apiece.

The advance order began weeks ago and PS5’s pre-order got sold out in minutes on numerous retail sites.

Sony 6758.T is expected to have the edge, but the Japanese company’s stakes are high. In the financial year 2019, Sony’s gaming venture is its biggest moneymaker which includes software, services, and hardware, brought in close to a quarter of its nearly $77 billion group sales and about 30% of its $7.9 billion effective profit.

Microsoft MSFT.O does not break out gaming results, even though it is a minor part of its venture than for Sony. Furthermore, it does not reveal hardware sales but the present Xbox One is estimated by analysts to get 50 million units sold.



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