Microsoft teams up with AES Corp. for constant renewable energy supply

Microsoft teams up with AES Corp. for constant renewable energy supply

by Pranali Mehta

Global energy company AES Corporation has reportedly signed a 15-year agreement with Microsoft to supply around-the-clock renewable energy to the tech giant’s data center in Virginia. The move reflects on Microsoft’s efforts to achieve the 100/100/0 goal by 2030.

It is worth noting here that Microsoft is already one of the largest purchasers of sustainable energy in the world. The latest agreement with AES will involve current renewable projects that are under Microsoft, while also including additional renewable resources in the region.

The General Manager for Energy & Renewables at Microsoft Brian Janous, mentioned that by leveraging the capability and presence of AES in the PJM market, the company will be able to secure additional renewable supply which will support its commitment to using 100% renewable energy by 2025. The partnership will also help in taking a decisive step towards fueling 100% of their electricity with zero-carbon energy in the region.

Janous added that innovative commercial structures like this and integrating innovative technologies will be critical in achieving their 100/100/0 commitment.

Meanwhile, AES President and CEO Andrés Gluski mentioned that Microsoft is a prominent player in the energy transition with its goal of being 100% powered by zero-carbon electricity by 2030. The group is proud of the solution it created along with Microsoft to help meet its goal by delivering 24/7 zero-carbon electricity to its data centers based in Virginia, the CEO claimed.

Gluski further stated that by working together with major corporations, AES is setting new standards for decarbonizing their entire grid as well as their operations.

Around 70% of the internet traffic of the world is claimed to pass through data centers that are located in Virginia. The renewable energy will be sourced by AES from a portfolio of 576 MW of contracted renewable assets, comprising wind, solar, and battery energy storage ventures in PJM.

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