Minerva-Freeport ink contract for provision of TERRA Mining AI suite

Minerva-Freeport ink contract for provision of TERRA Mining AI suite

by Pranali Mehta

Minerva Intelligence Inc., an AI solutions provider, has reportedly inked a contract with a mineral exploration company, Freeport Resources Inc. The contract has been signed for the provision of components of its TERRA Mining AI suite such as LEO, SOLACE, TARGET, and DRIVER solutions. Freeport will utilize Minerva's cutting-edge AI software, DRIVER, to evaluate the multi-element drilling data. Additionally, it will also use TARGET to identify auditable drilling targets using AI, SOLACE to harmonize and standardize large data sets, as well as LEO to rapidly search through all data.

The data analysis will involve 3 studies, with the 1st two being 3D studies, i.e. a K-Means study and a DRIVER study. The studies will examine the multi-element drilling data from the Olgal deposit of Freeport.

The key advantage of using the DRIVER software is its capability to spatially evaluate the elements that are typically returned by modern laboratories, rather than the elements of direct economic interest. This evaluation is complicated and time-consuming to be carried out by the project geologists. In addition, DRIVER can compare its database of several past and present mines across the globe with the identified geochemical vectors as well as identify the most similar ones to its explored target. The similarity rankings can later offer explainable and reliable models, upon which the geologists can develop exploration strategies.

A combined 2D & 3D analysis will be conducted in the 3rd study using the SOLACE workflow of Minerva to standardize and align the available drilling data and surface from the Star Mountains property, so as to incorporate it into the TARGET application.

Following the project completion, Freeport will be provided with a complementary subscription to LEO for 3 months, which is Minerva's document management software to ensure seamless document search and retrieval. Source credit: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/minerva-announces-contract-with-freeport-resources-for-terra-mining-ai-suite-826782355.html

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