MISEICO announces cruelty-free & vegan certification from PETA

MISEICO announces cruelty-free & vegan certification from PETA

by Pranali Mehta

MISEICO, a minimalist clean beauty products manufacturer, has reportedly announced its cruelty-free & vegan certification from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA. The new certification of the company’s products will significantly serve the accelerating demand for ethical skincare products from animal lovers and vegans. The certified companies will not test the final products on animals for performance and quality.

PETA has been initiating various movements to stamp out practices such as animal experiments and testing. MISEICO, by coming under the cruelty-free & vegan certification program of PETA, will consolidate its commitment to ethical and sustainable production, ensuring the fact that no animals will be harmed during production.

Products manufactured by MISEICO are 100% natural and consist of certified organic ingredients. Extensive researches have been conducted to reduce its products’ impact on skin health and effectively produce the best possible results. In addition, the ingredients used in its products are ethically sourced to ensure transparency and the production of vegan & cruelty-free products across the globe. The recent certification will help gain a wider customer base and their trust as the products will be vegan and eco-friendly.

MISEICO’s founder, Michelle Chan, has been committed to maintaining the product quality and efficiency, with a passion for contributing to a cleaner beauty industry to reduce the impact of the products’ elements on health and environments. She reportedly cited that the company is highly dedicated to providing a sensorial skincare experience, and ethically crafting natural skin treats without compromising with the product integrity.

According to the Company Liaison for Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program of PETA, Amanda Nordstrom, J.D., the organization is excited to welcome MISEICO to its Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program. The company will be in the list of above 5,000 companies that do not conduct animal testing across the globe.

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