Netflix to air documentary on civilian Space X mission into the orbit

Netflix to air documentary on civilian Space X mission into the orbit

by Pranali Mehta

Netflix, the renowned streaming service, has reportedly announced that it has teamed up with Space X to make a documentary on the world's first all-civilian private space orbit next month. The new docuseries will chronicle Space X’s first civilian mission to the earth’s orbit.

According to reports, the five-part documentary will premiere in September with the first two parts scheduled to be released on the 6th of September.  

Making space readily accessible to the general population is an important step for humanity and this marks a significant move towards that goal.

This will be the first live documentary of its kind, covering the event in near real-time. A special will air on the 14th of September, a day before the launch of the scheduled Inspiration4 spaceflight. The launch event would be covered in the final part of the series, which will be released at the end of the month.

38-year old pilot, billionaire, Jared Isaacman, will be leading, commanding, and financing the flight. Jared will also be making a $200 million donation to the St Jude Children's Research Hospital as part of the mission.

The team accompanying Isaacman on the mission includes geoscientist Sian Proctor, a former candidate for NASA, US Air Force veteran Christopher Sembroski, and Hayley Arceneaux, a former cancer survivor and a doctor's assistant working at St Jude. The group will orbit the planet in the SpaceX Dragon capsule, also called Inspiration4, at an altitude that is higher than that of the International Space Station.

Inspiration4 will be a massive, global event that would be topped off by the Netflix series, which is expected to undoubtedly make a splash. Directing the Netflix series will be Jason Hehir, whose previous work includes ESPN's “The Last Dance,” a documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

This program promises viewers behind-the-scenes access to the mission; besides being able to get exclusive access to the mission, viewers can also watch videos from inside the spacecraft while it orbits the Earth.

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