New Sanofi-GSK vaccine shows positive results against severe Covid-19

New Sanofi-GSK vaccine shows positive results against severe Covid-19

by Pranali Mehta

European pharmaceutical firms, Sanofi S.A. and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have reportedly announced positive results from the late-stage clinical testing of their new COVID-19 vaccine, named Vidprevtyn, as per a spokesperson from Sanofi.

The two firms are now planning to seek regulatory authorization from the US and Europe for Vidprevtyn’s administration.

Vidprevtyn, a protein subunit vaccine, is a more traditional type of vaccine as compared to mRNA or adenovirus vector virus, and can be stored at refrigerator temperatures, and can therefore be used in places that do not have ultracold storages.

It is hoped that as the vaccine relied on familiar technology, people who have declined other Covid-19 vaccines will find these more palatable.

The vaccine is administered in two doses within a three-week gap, with its phase 3 trial underway in the US, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, having over 10,000 test subjects.

Another individual study is examining whether the vaccine’s third dose can be given as a booster.

Thomas Triomphe, Executive VP, Sanofi, stated that the firm is pleased with its data, as no other Phase 3 efficacy study has been carried out globally during this period with many variants of concerns, like Omicron, circulating around. Triomphe added that the efficacy data is similar to the recent clinical data of authorized vaccines.

As per a Sanofi spokesperson, the latest results were from a phase 3 trial that had begun in May last year and demonstrated real-world tests of the vaccine against the Covid-19 variants, including Delta and Omicron.

The vaccine was found 58% effective in preventing Covid-19 symptoms, 75% effective in preventing moderate or severe cases, and 100% effective against severe cases, such as hospitalization, when two doses are given to people having no antibodies against the virus.

The firms added that their vaccine can also work as a mix-and-match booster, increasing the number of antibodies by 18 to 30 times when given to people administered with other mRNA or adenovirus-vector vaccines.

As per reports, the vaccines will act as a booster in the US and European markets, with the company planning on releasing 400 million doses, having already released 100 million doses.

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