Nokia partners with A1 to offer private network for Siemens microgrid

Nokia partners with A1 to offer private network for Siemens microgrid

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Nokia Corporation, an innovative global leader in wireless networks, has reportedly joined forces with A1 Telekom Austria Group (A1) to offer a private wireless network for Siemens Austria’s microgrid, which is deployed at its Vienna campus.

The A1 campus solution showcases the benefits of using a private wireless solution to run critical applications such as utility or enterprise microgrid, and how they can be conveniently implemented with reliable, secure, and fast connectivity.

Microgrids, storage, and renewable energy sources are increasingly being adopted by industries across the globe to assist enterprises in reducing their environmental footprint as well as reach their sustainability goals. Smartly managed renewable energy systems within a microgrid are making a pivotal impact on several industrial applications by delivering energy cost savings and supplying security to industrial campuses.

Sources cite that Nokia is offering the industrial-grade private wireless network. On the other hand, A1 is offering spectrum together with hosting and management of recently deployed campus network. The private wireless network will connect microgrid assets on the Siemens Austria campus, enabling secure and reliable communication between the microgrid controllers and the charging or metering points at guaranteed data rates and reduced latency.

For the record, Siemens Austria’s campus microgrid project includes electric vehicle (EV) charging, solar generation, battery storage, and building management. Initially, Siemens has installed 320kW of solar energy generation and around 500kWh battery storage, to support approximately 50 EV charging stations.

Peter Wukowits who is the Head of Nokia Austria said that managing microgrids is another instance where both utilities as well as enterprises, like Siemens, can benefit from the top-quality wireless connectivity offered by private wireless networks. Nokia brings its experience of aiding over 200 utility customers in mission-critical networking to Siemens microgrid project, he states.

The company’s private wireless LTE/4.9G solutions have several capabilities needed for today’s Industry 4.0 applications, as the Siemens Austria microgrid deployment showcases, Mr. Wukowits said while adding that added capabilities for next-generation industrial use cases would follow with 5G.

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