NSITEXE & Secure-IC join forces to deliver security solutions for CPS

NSITEXE & Secure-IC join forces to deliver security solutions for CPS

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Embedded cybersecurity provider Secure-IC, has made it to the headlines for joining hands with Japanese company NSITEXE that has a strong expertise in developing the semiconductor IP – particularly high performance cores for numerous industries.

The partnership was formed on the premise that presently, no strong solution exists to secure systems against potential cyber threats with infrastructure layers in an easy-to-implement and scalable manner. With the advent of IoT, systems have been facing myriad attacks that require a seamless protection mechanism. In order to ensure that all systems can trust their connectivity and ensure network access in a secure manner, NSITEXE and Secure-IC have integrated their technologies and they will offer several critical solutions, as the following:

  • RISC-V Core – by NSITEXE, the cybersecurity bettered by Secure-IC's CyberEscort Unit that delivers real-time detection
  • An innovative Network Security Subsystem for Cyber-Physical Systems, that provides TLS 1.3/SSL, and Deep Packet Inspection. It also enables a Chain of Trust, secure firmware update, secure boot, and enhanced cryptographic services
  • Integrated HSM for automotive applications for Cryptographic services, Key Management, suited for numerous applications (ADAS, V2X, Powertrain, Gateway, etc.): SecuryzrTM

NSITEXE and Secure-IC plan to present this collaboration via a series of webinars that will be held in the forthcoming months.

Hassan Triqui, President & Chief Executive Officer, Secure-IC has been quoted to state that the company is highly honored to join hands with NSITEXE so as to address the major problems for the Cyber-Physical System security space. Both the firms hold strong synergies via the technology portfolio, corporate culture, and geographic coverage, Triqui added.

Yukihide Niimi, Chief Executive Officer, NSITEXE, has been reportedly quoted to state that security is a highly critical requirement for automotive sector and other applications. In order to solve the challenge, the company is pleased to work with Secure IC that has state-of-the-art security technology, Niimi added.

Source Credits: https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/20/09/g17352499/secure-ic-and-nsitexe-form-a-global-partnership-to-jointly-provide-cutting-edge-security-solutions

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