Oracle to invest $1.2 billion in Nashville, creating 8,500 new jobs

Oracle to invest $1.2 billion in Nashville, creating 8,500 new jobs

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Oracle Corporation, the leading computer technology firm, has reportedly announced that it has requested a public hearing for the approval of its economic impact plan with Nashville’s Metro Industrial Development Board to bring around 8,500 new jobs to the city, as per office of Mayor John Cooper.

Approval from the Metro Council and IDB is required to finalize the proposal of Oracle to bring about 8,500 new jobs and around $1.2bn investment to Nashville by 2031 end. The tech giant further plans on creating 2,500 jobs by 2027 end in Nashville. The 8,500 jobs will have an average pay of $110,000.

Oracle Corporation also stated that around 11,500 additional jobs would be created along with additional 10,000 temporary jobs via construction and other kinds of support services linked with operating, building as well as maintaining the planned campus.

John Cooper stated that the tech giant would bring a large number of high-paying new jobs to Nashville and they would pay in advance all the infrastructure costs of the city.

An agreement negotiated by state and local officials is expected to bring Oracle Corporation to city’s East bank in a development that would modify the area, connecting Oracle to the corridor of HBCU on Jefferson Street.

The potential capital investment of Oracle includes worth $175 million in public infrastructure, bringing in a lot of profits to taxpayers without burdening taxpayers of Nashville or surging Metro’s debt.

The firm is interested in Nashville as it provides entry to top class higher education institutions along with a talented staff, is a top destination for novel employees, has a high quality of life while continuing affordability, and has a diverse population with a rich culture.

As per the Mayor, in the plan, the tech giant would make an investment of $175 million in public infrastructure including costs like a pedestrian bridge, environmental remediation, street widenings, and a pump station for water and sewer.

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