Our Staff

Our staff are actively involved in wide-ranging, internationally recognised research, and bring a great breadth of experience and knowledge to the Department.

Nandita Bhardwaj

Having a marketing management post graduate degree under her belt, Nandita spent considerable time working in the field of recruitment. However, her real interest lay in playing with words and soon enough, she commenced her career in the field of content creation. Currently, she authors insightful pieces for marketprimes.com and other portals, where she writes on articles pertaining to business, finance, entertainment, and technology.

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Pranali Mehta

A chemical engineer by qualification, Pranali Mehta dutifully walked down the slated path and worked in a chemical firm for a year. Her passion for writing however, pushed her into experimenting with the same as a career. With over three years of experience in content writing, Pranali currently pens down insightful articles for marketprimes.com and similar other portals. Apart from writing, she loves to watch movies and dabble in home décor.

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Ralf Jennings

I have been covering reports on everything relating to American politics and economic trends in the U.S. since 1999. After my graduation from college, I began to work as a part-time writer for a local magazine and this experience helped me build my writing and reporting skills. I eventually got a job as a reporter and a writer in a small news agency in Chicago. I am passionate about bringing ground breaking political and economic news to readers.

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Vallari Gupte

I am a business and technology reporter who is intrigued by new innovations and ideas. My desire to bring the latest news in the tech and business world to people has prompted me to create a blog that centers on the challenges, advancements, and innovations in these sectors. I am currently working with a Mumbai-based online stockbroking firm as a content strategy developer.

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Dona Fuscaldo

I am a freelance writer with particular interest in business management, personal finance, investments, entrepreneurship, stock trading, and technology. With almost seventeen years of experience in Journalism, I have been able to carve a niche for myself in the industry and have contributed immensely to the establishment and growth of different media outlets.For many years, I worked as a business reporter for three reputable media agencies. I eventually embarked on a freelance career and this has helped me achieve my longtime goal of bringing the latest happenings in the business world to people around the globe. I pride myself on my ability to make complex topics clear and understandable to my readers.

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