Pan-America inks $31M chickenpox vaccine agreement with SK Bioscience

Pan-America inks $31M chickenpox vaccine agreement with SK Bioscience

by Pranali Mehta

SK Bioscience, the South Korean biopharmaceutical firm, has reportedly announced that it has signed a $31 million (₩37 billion) order to deliver Sky Varicella, its chickenpox vaccine, to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Given that it is responsible for distributing vaccines in bulk on behalf of nations in the southern and central American areas, the PAHO, alongside UNICEF, has one of the world's highest vaccine demands.

As per the South Korean firm, the recent order was the very first time SK Bioscience has successfully secured a winning bid with PAHO.

Companies must earn the World Health Organization's (WHO) Pre-Qualification certification in order to participate in a bidding process arranged by the PAHO, a global entity under the United Nations. In November 2019, Sky Varicella by SK Bioscience became the world’s second chickenpox vaccine to receive the WHO's PQ certification.

SK Bioscience's client list for its Sky Varicella vaccine has grown with the newest overseas order since it's already been transported to Thailand and Turkey.

The biopharmaceutical firm also stated that it plans to ship more vaccine shipments to the global market while expanding to other verticals as well.

According to the firm, GBP510, SK Bioscience's COVID-19 vaccine candidate, which is now in a global phase 3 clinical trial, is slated to receive a regulatory approval from South Korean authorities as well as the WHO PQ certification in the first half of this year.

According to the statement, after receiving clearances for emergency use in other nations, GBP510 will be shipped globally via WHO's COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access Facility.

SK Bioscience stated that it will sign licenses with other companies to safeguard the core messenger RNA technology and accelerate its own creation of mRNA platforms to develop not just vaccinations, but also medicines.

Ahn Jae-yong, SK Bioscience’s CEO, stated that the PAHO bid order is a significant accomplishment that demonstrates the global competitiveness in the market of the vaccines developed by the company.

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