Paris Taxi Firm suspends Model 3 Tesla from fleet after fatal accident

Paris Taxi Firm suspends Model 3 Tesla from fleet after fatal accident

by Pranali Mehta

The biggest taxi company in Paris, Taxis G7, has reportedly announced the suspension of Model 3 Teslas from its fleet, following a fatal accident that took place in the capital city last week.

As per reports, an off-duty driver lost control of the Tesla he was driving in the southeastern 13th district of the capital at night. Th ensuing crash resulted in the death of one person while 20 others were injured, with three being admitted to the intensive care unit.

Prosecutors in Paris had opened the investigation regarding the case on the same day of the incident.

Based upon the speed and the trajectory of the vehicle, it was initially suspected that a malfunction, such as a stuck accelerator, may have occurred as the vehicle struck multiple objects on it way while rolling down the street.

Taxis G7 is known to be Paris’ first taxi-booking app and was elected as the best application of the year under the ‘Smart Car’ category in 2019.

The company website claims G7 to be the largest taxi firm in Europe and has stated that while 37 of its drivers had been using the Tesla Model 3, other models of the EV giant will remain in service.

Tesla, however, denies any technical issues in the car after having checked the crashed vehicle’s data remotely. The US-based manufacturer also showed willingness to share all details regarding the incident with French authorities if asked for.

Tesla’s safety record, especially regarding its Autopilot driver assistance program, has come repeatedly under fire over a series of fatal accidents in the past wherein the car can steer, brake, or accelerate by itself.

Tesla Model 3, an electric sedan, had recently become the world’s best-selling EV.

While Consumer Reports had raised concerns about the EV’s braking distance, it had changed its stance after a software update that improved upon the issue, recommending the model for consumers. However, in 2019, due to issues with the car’s paint, trim, and electronics, the recommendation was withdrawn.

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