Parler sues Amazon for taking it off AWS alleging political resentment

Parler sues Amazon for taking it off AWS alleging political resentment

by Pranali Mehta

Parler, the renowned alternative social media platform that is preferred by the far-right, has reportedly sued Amazon on Monday in response to being de-platformed, claiming breach of contract, an antitrust violation, and interference with company's business relationships with users.

As per credible sources, the complaint has plead the federal court for enforcing a temporary restraining order against Amazon, labelling the decision made by Amazon Web Services as a severe ‘death blow’ to its business.

The complaint stated that without AWS, Parler will come to an end as the company has no other way to get online. It also added that a delay in the granting of requested temporary restraining order by even a day could lead to Parler's end as President Trump and others shift to other platforms.

It has been reported that Parler's lawsuit alleges that Amazon, in unlawful way has sought to curb the competition by eliminating a business player from the market. Further, it also argues that Amazon has also breached the contract with Parler by not providing it the notice of termination of 30 days and that its actions are interfering with Parler's relationships with its existing and future users.

According to a letter sent by an Amazon Web Services to Parler Chief Policy Officer, Amy Peikoff, on Saturday, over the recent weeks it has reported 98 examples to Parler of posts that clearly encourage and incite violence. Moreover, the letter also includes screenshots of several such examples.

In a statement released on Monday evening, Amazon has stated that the lawsuit filed by Parler has no merit. Speaking on the matter, a spokesperson from Amazon stated that clearly there is substantial content on Parler that encourages violence against others and which Parler is either unable or unwilling to identify promptly and remove, which is a violation of Amazon’s terms of service.

Amazon has raised its concerns to Parler over a course of several weeks and during that time it observed a significant rise in this type of dangerous content, instead of a decrease, which resulted in suspension of their services from Sunday evening.

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