Pfizer to acquire ReViral to expand its respiratory drug portfolio

Pfizer to acquire ReViral to expand its respiratory drug portfolio

by Pranali Mehta
  • The deal is likely to be worth USD 525 million and marks Pfizer’s second acquisition within weeks.
  • A respiratory syncytial virus is known to affect 64 million individuals each year, resulting in about 160,000 fatalities worldwide

Pfizer Inc. is reportedly planning to acquire London-based ReViral Ltd. in a deal worth around USD 525 million.  With this purchase, the American multinational biotechnology company will gain access to ReViral’s various experimental drugs for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).

This is Pfizer’s second acquisition after acquiring Arena Pharmaceuticals for USD 6.7 billion earlier in March. It appears that following the success of its vaccine to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, Pfizer is now looking to expand its respiratory drug portfolio.

For those unaware, RSV is a respiratory illness that is a life-threatening LRTIs (lower respiratory tract infections) that usually occurs in newborns, immunocompromised people, and the elderly. It is estimated that roughly 64 million individuals are infected each year, resulting in about 160,000 fatalities worldwide.

Meanwhile, ReViral already has four RSV drug solutions in making with its lead product candidate sisunatovir while others are still in the clinical phase.  It is also worth noting that ReViral was founded by Dr. Ken Powell and Dr. Stuart Cockerill to produce world-class medicines for RSV patients.

Chief scientific officer of Bacterial Vaccines at Pfizer Annaliesa Anderson was reported stating that till today limited treatment options are catering to RSV, but most of them are focused on supportive care.

But some analysts believe that this acquisition will not a big deal-breaker for Pfizer to earn large revenues in comparison to its other smaller deals. Moreover, ReViral’s acquisition could signal a return for mergers & acquisitions in biopharma corporations given the market volatility and other challenges associated when going public.

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