Picosun unites with researchers & hospitals to drive ALD application

Picosun unites with researchers & hospitals to drive ALD application

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Picosun Group, a leading provider of ALD (Automatic Layer Deposition) thin film coating solutions, has reportedly partnered with prominent hospitals and researchers in China.

The deal was inked with an objective to apply its medical ALD technology to ensure safer surgical procedures. To elaborate, the company’s biocompatible ALD coating solutions will be applied to electrotomes (electrosurgical equipment) for enhanced safety, performance, and service life.

Electrotome is the standard equipment that can replace traditional mechanical scalpels in operations. It utilizes high temperature to separate and cut tissue & coagulated blood. This tissue and blood sticking & burning on the electrotome blade leads to increased risks of bleeding, tearing, scarring, and tissue damage, thereby extending the patient’s healing time.

In addition, smoke from tissue damage may hinder the vision and surge the risk for error among surgeons during cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, and other procedures. There is no available solution to overcome such issues in treating tissue damage in the market. However, the ALD technology can potentially cater to these needs and improve patient safety, healing time, and wound quality.

ALD can form ultra-thin and pinhole-free coatings with an unmatched conformity. The technology is highly suitable for sensitive materials as it can be performed at moderate temperatures.

According to Picosun Group’s CTO, Dr. Jani Kivioja, the company is thrilled to extend the application of its PicoMEDICAL™ technology in the healthcare sector and partner with top tier Chinese scientists and hospitals to qualify its solutions for everyday use. It has the vision of using the extensive expertise in ALD to develop solutions and improve health as well as quality of life.

The ‘anti-adhesive surface modified with bionic microstructures & ALD coatings design and its application on surgical electrotomes’ project was initiated in partnership with Guangzhou First People's Hospital, Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, and South China University of Technology.  The project, funded partially by Business Finland, will commence from 1st December 2020 & continue for 3 years.

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