PlayDapp releases ‘Along with the Gods: Knights of Dawn’ on Play Store

PlayDapp releases ‘Along with the Gods: Knights of Dawn’ on Play Store

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Blockchain game services platform, PlayDapp, has reportedly rolled out ‘Along with the Gods: Knights of Dawn’ game on Google Play Store. Sources state that ‘Along with the Gods’ is a strategic role-playing game where users will be able to formulate their own team of heroes that have five unique power types.

The game will also offer users the opportunity to collect more than 100 different heroes and enjoy several combat modes. Users will also be able to take part in Boss Raids, Hero Dungeons, Guild Battles, and PVP, and also enhance character abilities via a combination of rune sets having myriad effects.

According to Choi Sung-won, the General Manager of PlayDapp, games are being increasingly played around the world owing to a surge in the indoor activities amid the prolonged outbreak of the new COVID-19 infection. He has further stated that game distributors and developers used to be the chief ones benefitting from sales of games in the past.

The application of blockchain technology to game contents will, however, be beneficial for users, thereby causing an increase in the expectations for the future of the PlayDapp service, added Sung-won.

As per sources, PlayDapp has released game coupons for its current and new users for the purpose of celebrating the official Google Play Store roll out of ‘Along with the Gods’. These coupons get better with the expansion of the gaming community, add sources.

PlayDapp’s games will be further capable of unlocking awesome rewards that comprise Water/Fire/Earth Hero Scrolls, In Game Gems, Character Level boost items, and Powerful game items including ancient, legend, and mythical hero contracts.

The blockchain gaming service has reportedly planned to carry out an update in the future, focusing on the integration of Non-Fungible Token blockchain technology that has a specific feature of ‘Along with the Gods’ for realizing the ‘digital assetization’ of game items.


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